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TAC Fire Station Alerting



Emergency Mapping

The TAC Fire Station Alerting immediately alerts Fire Stations to a new call for service.


The module can be ran on any workstation at the Fire Station and automatically displays the current calls with elapsed time, Special Attentions, Occupancy and Location on Google Map.


The Google Map allows users to zoom in and look at aerial and street views. The system updates as units are assigned and arrive on calls.

Fire Station Alerting

Last 24 hours calls. Clicking on call reactivates call screen for quick review and run times.

Alerting Console
Dispatch Alert Console option:


Pressing the desired button can operate lights, garage doors, gates or alert tones at Fire Stations.


The system is IP based and can work over VPN or direct internet connection.


The TAC CAD will be able to be configured to automatically send a station alert when units are dispatched.


It supports both local and remote station alerts.


Immediate confirmation that alerts have been completed.


The system is user customizable and configurable.

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