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Mobile Data Terminals MDT

Mobile Data Terminals


The TAC Computer hosted Mobile Data System provides cost effective statewide interoperability with the State law enforcement data system. The MDTs allow certified users to easily retrieve state law enforcement data system information without calling in to dispatch, which takes the work load off the dispatchers and gets the information back to the user quickly.


Additionally, TAC CAD seamlessly integrates with TAC MDTs for law enforcement or fire departments. CAD call informaion is displayed on responder's MDT screens. Responders can update their own statuses, add notes to calls and access occupancy files including preplans.


MDT Features:


  • Statewide interoperability and data sharing.

  • Utilize our server and State law enforcment data system connection.

  • Fast and low cost for implementation.

  • No Server to maintain.

  • Instant inter-vehicle and inter-station communications.

  • Automatic audio and visual notification of alerts based on query responses.

  • History of contacts with vehicles and persons.

  • Supports printing to in-station printers.

  • Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS compatible.

  • Ohio OH1

  • Complete Ohio Incident reporting in vehicle.

  • Ohio E-Cite traffic citations.

  • 911 Mapping

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