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Computer Aided Dispatch

TAC Computer Aided Dispatch


The TAC Enterprise Public Safety System is a single integrated system that utilizes a single login. CAD accepts calls for service entries and imports 911 information; it also assists in dispatching and management of calls. CAD links to 911, mapping, MDTs and RMS. It supports true multi-agency dispatch with unit reccomendation capability. Each agency's police records are seperate and utilize their own numbering system and system access rights.


CAD Features:


  • The ability to support up to 100 positions.

  • Dispatchers can choose the exact police, EMS and fire responder that they are responsible for.

  • The ability to have more than one status monitor open with each displaying a different group of agencies.

  • The system is based on MS SQL Server 2012. This delivers very high performance even when querying millions of records.

  • All data entered is shared between modules. No dual entry.

  • Call and crime mapping

  • Automatic Vehicle Locations

  • Display 911 Call Location on map.

  • Ability to transfer call and request mutual aid to neighboring PSAPs.

  • Scheduled Events

  • Alerts based on addresses or persons.

  • Single CAD dispatch Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS services

  • Direct access to State BMV data and photos.

  • The CAD preplan function allows dispatcher's and all responders to have direct access to preplans in their vehicle on the MDTs.

  • Silent dispatch



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