Automatic License Plate Reader



Instantly Enhance Your LPR


Our iLPR real time queries data to our O.L.E.N. server as plates are scanned and it returns results to the in car computer in less than a second. The officer will receive instant up to date information on stolen vehicles, expired plates, prior vehicle driver's warrants, driving status, driving records, and entered BOLOS with photos.


Benefits of iLPR


  • Real Time Queries

  • User Entered BOLOS

  • Same Day Startup

  • Downloading Hot Lists Not Required

More Reasons Why The iLPR is For Your Department

  • Officer's can upload customized lists to the O.L.E.N. server at any time and the hits will take immediate effect.

  • iLPR is compatible with multiple brands of LPR hardware/systems.

  • Easily eliminate unwanted hits by choosing predetermined hit results.