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Records Management RMS

Records Management System


The TAC RMS offers a comprehensive records system for modern police departments.Officers can enter their own reports in station or on MDTs and submit them for approval. Photos and scanned documents can be attached to reports. Report data can be viewed on screen, printed, faxed, mapped and converted to PDF for futher distributions.


RMS Features:


  • Ohio OIBRS compatible Incident Reports

  • Interfaces to Municipal/Mayor's courts.

  • Advanced Property/Evidence Bar Coding that automatically creates chain of custody and scans items to storage locations.

  • Ohio OH1 traffic Accident Reports with drawings.

  • Integrated Electronic Citations.

  • All reports are output as PDF for easy distribution with no third party required.

  • Optional, WEB posting of Incident and Accident Reports for public access without manually printing and re-scanning reports. 

  • Supports photo lineups based on booking photos.

  • Relational system, no duplicate data entry, for example: a booking record automatically links to an Incident Report without re-entering people.

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